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    Hello from Minnesota

    Hi All, thanks for having me.

    I started learning about hammock camping more about 5 years ago. Shug's -40 Ely Trip video showed up in my YT algorithm one day and I quickly watched every video he made - living in the Twin Cities, his love of MN, the back country, backpacking and bluegrass all made for great, relatable viewing. It annoyed my SO that I was watching that "Whooooo buddy weirdo" so much that she even started watching trip videos with me and is now always excited when a new one comes out. She hasn't shined to the gear videos as much.. hah.

    I always knew I would try out hammocks at some point but I guess all the work that goes into researching and buying a new system kept me away for a while. A few years back I bought a Grand Turk Double on sale and Eno straps for lounging and always took it along for canoeing in the BWCAW or car camping. I've always had horrible sleep on the ground in the backcountry and earlier this year in the BWCAW I found myself crawling out of my tent, with that familiar feeling of exhaustion and slight nausea from having not slept more than 5 hours the night before, and immediately heading over to the hammock to get some real rest before breakfast. That was when I really stopped and thought about it - a good night's sleep is probably worth the cost of admission. So I'm currently researching my first sleeping hammock and the forum has already been a source of great information. Thank you!

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    Hey and welcome to HF! Buckle up and get ready for the ride. It sounds like you might already have a hanging buddy.
    Oooh, shiney! What does THIS button do?

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