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    The mini fly a good choice; it will be very versatile. Of course it is not a full on storm shelter, but will absolutely keep you dry in a normal downpour.

    After reading your question again, I see you were asking about the tarp length (Tarp Ridge line) not the length of suspension line for your tarp (Tarp Ridge Line).

    Keep in mind - when you are ready for your second tarp - that there is more to Dyneema tarps than just lighter weight and higher cost. They are also bulkier to pack. They are more translucent so don’t give as much privacy if that’s an issue. Some say they are louder in the rain. It’s best to read the Pros AND Cons and decide if it is worth the expense that could be used for other gear - maybe a TQ or UQ covering a different temperature range, etc.
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    Since I am most often solo or with one other (male) backpacker, I don't give to much thought to the translucence of the DCF tarp. If I did, I would just switch to camo, and we would all disappear..

    As far as pack volume, I am acutely aware of my pack contents. Can't lie. I was a bit concerned with all the chatter about the volume trade-off when switching to cuben, but now that I am living with them for a few seasons, I don't see issue. Granted, when I need to switch to the Palace the additional volume is blatant, but I still have yet to completely fill any of my packs so it isn't as much of a concern as I thought (or was led to believe) it would be.

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    I will add for a tandem hang that I usually bring my silpoly XL width tarp which is very similar to Kitsapcowboys Batwing tarp with a ridge line of just under 12í. The reason I take my silpoly tarp is that the tandem spreader bar and related hardware introduce possibility of damage when one person gets out and the spreader makes an upward arc into the tarp. This is worse when the weather turns bad and you have to try and tighten up the head end of the tarp.
    Here is a picture of the tarp as low as it can be and the spreader will rub like crazy when one gets out. It was set like this because of the wind we were going to get that night. I would be much more sad if a $400+ tarp was ripped by the spreader.
    When weather turns real bad we ditch the spreader and close up the doors. IMG_1043.jpg

    If bad weather is not a concern, none of what I said matters because you can hang the tarp high and loose.

    My wife and I have about a 25lb weight difference and have no issues because of that but with the spreader you have to hang them higher because when one gets out their hammock settles down to low and centered and you donít want to scrape the ground with your quilt.

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    Keep an eye on the for sale forum- I picked up a winter palace a few years ago for the half the price of a new one! Great tarp!
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