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    Pad for 90-degree hammock

    My first 90-degree hammock- a NOS Exped Ergo- is on order and expected soon. As I understand it, the stiffer the pad, the flatter the lay (which can be said about other hammocks as well, in my limited experience). Does anyone have a recommendation for a pad that won't curl up too easily? TIA

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    Ongoing experiment
    In my experience the Exped pads with the longitudinal tubes, i.e. top to bottom, works the best. Both the Synmat and the Downmat pad depending on your pocketbook and temperature requirements. My experience has been in the Hammocktent 90 degree hammocks, the Amok Draumr, and the Exped Ergo. Don't get the model "5" as the outer tubes do not have insulation in them, i.e. stick with the "7" or "9" series.

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