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    Quote Originally Posted by XJ35S View Post
    What rope are you using? I use zing it and keep it in a tool roll with the tie outs and stakes. My tool roll always goes with me but I may use one of 3 different tarps weather depending. I figure 8 wrap the ridgeline and it goes into it's own dedicated slot. If it gets really sticky put it in a plastic baggie maybe.

    I've hung from evergreen without much stickiness on the zing it. What are your trees and rope?

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    I use zing it too. It stays connected to the tarp. Figure 8 the long end like you. The tarp is in a snake skin, but then gets stuffed into a mesh bag and clipped onto the seat behind me if its wet, it can dry some, if it's raining I don't need to open anything to get it out.

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    I use 1.7 zing-it for the ridge line. I've not had a problem with sticky here, but I agree with the concept of stowing the sticky line in a plastic bag (probably a small ziploc)

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