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Thread: How to Chose

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    Why cant there be an easy answer....sigh guess I will have to do it the way everyone else does it....start a collection. I wonder how long its going to take to blow all my money I saved in Iraq on equitment

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    About a week.
    But, that's only cause you have to wait on the shipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peanuts View Post
    armyhiker, welcome and thank you for your service
    i want to throw a challenge to the diy'rs here.....why don't you guys send a care package to him containing hammocks for him to try out in iraq?
    hey if you guys want to do it I am not going to turn down your generous offer, and by the way have earned some major respect in my book, I don't want you guys to go out of your way and spend bundles of money on this, but if you want my address PM me


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