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    Hello Everyone, Columbia, IL

    I am from Columbia, IL. Went into the U.S. Navy Right after High School. Went and lived all over the world, Spent your tax $$ and had a lot of fun doing it.
    was stationed on 5 different ships and spent a LOT of time out at sea. lived over in Italy too.
    Moved back to Columbia, IL, purchased my first RV and built my 1500 SF house and 6000 SF shed. Got to put your toys somewhere.
    What got me into hanging? wasn't the navy, they quit that long ago. Just seen people hanging at RV sites outside of their RV's and wanted to try it.
    My wife and I go Glamping that's camping in a pull a long house. You see them, TV outside. full hook ups. AC/ heaters, lights everywhere, can't see the stars.
    I did the whole boy scouts thing, from mom was a den leader to dad scout leader. went to Camp Philmont scout Ranch NM. in the 70's. Got me hooked into real camping.
    NOW I want to try it all out again, Wife and I have and still do, Day hikes All around. She will not camp outside. SO it will be me on the weekends walking and hanging.
    When I get time, I will be setting up my hammock under my porch and working on getting it right, before I head out on my first in a long time, over night camping trip.
    In advance, Thank You all for your great inputs.
    Plus, YouTube is great, just take in info with a grain of salt.
    and also, I am living the KETO lifestyle. 1 year now, lost 60 lbs and never felt this great.
    Retired Navy

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    Welcome to Hammock Forums from another Greg. Congrats on the KETO weight loss. Loosing weight makes backpacking and hanging so much more enjoyable. Thanks for your service and enjoy the forums.

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