Have been a member on here for quite a few years and it occurred to me I do not think I ever introduced myself.

I did previously join the forum to learn a bit more about hammocks, I generally have a pretty keen interest in camping and hiking.

My kids are starting to get older now we gives more opportunity get out and possibly even bring them with me.

I previously started with a HH Explorer but didnít like it, mostly it was pretty heavy and I didnít like the bottom entry.

After that I tried a second hand Warbonnet BB which I liked but I could not afford an underquilt so gave up on it.

Since then I have decided I donít like waking up in the morning feeling like I have beaten with a 4x2, despite having a good camping mat and even trying a lightweight stretcher.

Ultimately I decided to give hammocks another go and since I have a better job now I have more capacity to buy something that works.

I invested in a WB XLC and Wooki single layer, love it so far but think I may need a double layer, hoping through this forum I can come up with something that enables me to sleep like Shug.

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