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Thread: MYOG down TQ

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    MYOG down TQ

    Hello all

    I'm in the process of designing a down TQ. I've completed all but the stuffing of a full size UQ. It's the most complex sewing project I've ever done... I enjoyed it. I've never used a down quilt or bag of any kind.

    There is a lot of information to read about quilt design. I'm going cold weather and looking at about 20 or so ounces of down in both the UQ and TQ. I'm torn between a design like a UGQ bandit or going with the karo step method. I'm not afraid to tackle a complex project. Most concerning to me is performance in the cold. It is strange to me that people say karo step might have problems with down migration but at the same time say it offers the most flexibility to put down where you want it. Those things contradict each other to me, what an I missing? Why would migration be a problem if I can easily move down to where I want it? I know there are a million threads out there on this topic but I wanted to ask the question again, maybe someone can add some personal experience with how a karo step TQ performs in the cold compared to a bandit style quilt. I'd even consider all horizontal baffles... Are the differences only minor and I'm just over thinking things?



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    For your needs in a hammock you will find that either will work just fine. Things get a bit more complicated when you start using a kero-step on the ground. There are more angles the quilts folds around (your body) so if you have a thinner spot where the down has moved from it could be cool. Of course it also depends on how big of squares your planning on.. smaller equals tighter spots making it harder for the down to move.
    In the hammock a TQ doesn't encounter the same angles. With the UQ wrapping under you it makes things so much easier.
    So pick which ever one interests you and have fun.

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