Hey all, Iíd like to reach out to anyone using the WL Lite Owl Hammock. Iíve had mine for a couple of years, purchased shortly before Marty passed away. I admit that Iíve never quite dialed in this hammock, and am looking for any help, tips, advice, etc. to make it hum.... I canít seem to avoid the dreaded Calf ridge issue. Iím sure Iím not properly using the head & foot box cords, although Iíve tried all the configurations I can. 6í1, 160 lbs, in an 11í hammock should not be as hard as Iím making it. I canít help feel Iím missing something easy that will make a big difference. While Iím not opposed to side sleeping, Iím okay on my back, and really just want to find the elusive sweet spot.

What better place to seek help than HF. Thanks to all who reply.