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    I typically hang them on my suspension. Sometimes if it’s already bad and continuing to rain I’d just give up and leave the gross wet bundle on top of my pack, on the ground.

    It sucks, but wear em’ dry tomorrow.

    Usually though I just throw em on the suspension, tarp or no tarp

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    If it's freezing I put mine in a nylafume bag I got from Litesmith and put them in the hammock to prevent freezing.
    The important thing for me is to ALWAYS have something wool and dry to change into in cold weather.Also,having some anti chafing protection in warm weather months is a good idea.

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    This may be an unpopular way of doing it, but I let my clothing hang out over my ridgeline while I am at camp and let them dry that way, I try to pitch my tarp so that there is a breeze coming in (mind you this is after I have let them hang in the sun if there is sun, and that it is not raining...) and before I go to bed I check to see how wet they are. If they are just slightly damp to the touch ( were they wont transfer water) then I throw them inbetween my hammock and underquilt. Body heat usually has them dry and warm by morning.
    If they are wet enough to transfer moisture but not soaking wet I either put them between my Uq and UQP or hang over my ridge line if it is wet out... if its just cold with a breeze I will hang them up in the breeze, and snap any frozen moisture off of them every time I get up to pee!
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    As long as the clothes are not dripping wet, I usually dry them by putting them between the layers if I'm using a double layer hammock, or between hammock and Wooki (which is similar to a double layer). I put them away from the torso area, because that is where I need the most warmth. However, although I sleep extremely cold, I have never felt that the drying process took away any warmth. In the morning, my clothes are completely dry and pre-warmed.

    If I would not use a Wooki, I would likely try putting them into my anti-calf ridge pillow. This is a stuff sack made out of hammock fabric i.e. not water proof, that I stuff with everything soft that I have available to put under my legs. Since it is under my sleeping bag, it should be warm enough to dry out.

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