I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. ~Thomas Edison

Haha...so I had a stupid idea. I know...first time in the history of men. I wanted to shape a footbox, and I had this idea a long time ago but never made it, and I finally got around to it. Only it doesn't work.

I cut two V's out of the right side of the hammock body, then sewed the two sides of each V to itself, which shaped the hammock...it basically made more room for where the feet lay than should be allowed by the amount of material on the long edge. That's what I wanted, and I think it worked.

The problem is that design makes the seams run parallel to the stretching force that basically runs down the ridgeline. So as soon as I laid in the hammock, I remembered this...it's the same principle I used on the insulated hammocks years ago. (I remembered b/c I could see thru the seam as soon as I laid in the hammock...so I didn't stay in there very long!) I feel like an idiot for not remembering it this time!

Named in honor of Edison...I found another way that doesn't work, so for the record you can subtract one from infinity. I'll probably just cut off the shaped part and have a short hammock.

But I have another idea to create a shaped footbox that doesn't violate this principle...have to see how much weight it adds, though.

Here are a couple of pics with the diagram and dimensions.