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    Sounds like you need to get out and try them both. Make certain that you have excellent skeeter protection. They can be brutal up there.

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    If you ever come out as far as CA., Lassen County...Echo Lake. Brook Trout and Rainbows. Fly rod use a black wooly booger. Casting use a Panther Martin Tiger Stripe, bait fishing use night crawler / Power Bait. Bald Eagles, Bear, Mountain Lions, Deer, as assorted critters in the area.

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    If you make it as far as Oregon there are lots of great options. The area above Wikkiup Reservoir on the Deschutes is on the small side as rivers go but really beautiful and popular as a fly fishing location. Lots of nice primitive spots in there. Also good access to the Cascade Lakes region for one or two night trips. It can be a bit on the buggy side but in my opinion not that bad. Though mosquito's do not bother me that much so for me it is enjoyable to sit around outside at night (no fires right now) with a light misting of deet. I would personally target the spots between Crane Prairie and Lava Lake. There are several nice spots in there. And Bend is close if you decide you want a nice breakfast with a mimosa.

    Metolius is also nice and better known as a fly fishing destination. Though the fish can be maddingly difficult. It is barbless flies, catch and release. The trick to the river can make it not that much fun to fish for me as I prefer dry flies. Fish two flies with the first one basically acting as a dropper. The second fly (the one you actually intend to catch things with) should be a nymph (likely stonefly). If you are good and catch a hatch things can be really fun when the big fish start rising (the green drake hatch is well known). Though they are super picky. Above Canyon Creek campground there are a couple nice primitive spots. Also, if you go up on green ridge (up NF1490) there are several nice spots with great views (about six peaks). Though the road is not so good. 4WD and good tires advised or go really slow.

    edit: I forgot to add Hosmer Lake though there are not really any good primitive spots anymore (there were some you could paddle to but the pine beetle decimated that side of the lake). Though it is well known for the population of Atlantic salmon. Fly fishing only and you will need some sort of floatation.

    All have lots of trees for hanging.

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