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    I own two of the $20 Harbor Freight hammocks: rough measurements 8'9" x 56" 723g with daisy chain straps, webbing for continuous loops and heavy carabiners. I bought one about a year ago to experiment with, not expecting much. I inspected it every time I used it for a couple months. But it has turned out to be strong, well made and durable. I use it for lounging in the back yard and have dosed off a few times. I 100% agree with Phantom Grappler; it is too small for my 6'1" frame to sleep comfortably all night but it is fine for 30 minutes lounging. I would not choose it as a dedicated backpacking sleep system. Lounging in the sun-good, let the little dogs lounge-good, let kids play-good, cheap spare, loaner, gear or emergency hammock - good. Time to sleep - I swap it for an 11-12 footer with the accoutrements.

    Later I bought a second HF hammock because it is well worth the $20 as long as you accept its limitations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantom Grappler View Post
    My hammock is 12x6, very comfortable, but the oversize has problems for backpacking! Haha!

    Most of our cottage vendors will make your hammock long and wide enough for a full night’s sleep.
    Maybe 11 feet long and 5 and a half feet wide.
    I am personally unsure of this relationship (longer and wider = more comfortable). Thinking this was true I bought my last ‘yard hammock’ as an XL vs the L I had before. I am not sure of the exact dimensions. Maranon is the brand. But I know I am supposed to be able to lay at a different angle but it does not seem to work out that way. I was more comfortable with the smaller hammock. In the end I just have more fabric to flap in my face which is annoying.

    I would be careful with the assumption that ‘bigger is better’. though I know little

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    Harbor Freight Hammock?

    What was length of Maranon hammock you got?

    Extra length usually gives more comfort than extra width
    Also a persons height interrelates with hammock length. Short people can usually be comfortable in shorter hammocks.
    Many hammock campers agree that longer hammocks are more comfortable than shorter hammocks. Diagonal lay is made more possible by 11 and 12 foot hammocks. Extra width does not help diagonal lay nearly as much as extra length.
    I call any hammock shorter than nine and a half feet a short hammock.

    Hammock choice is a campers own personal choice.
    We have quite a few experienced hammock campers that are happy with their 10 foot hammocks.

    Good luck

    My first hammock was short!

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