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    One thing to be mindful of is that you do not want too loose of a fit either.

    I was using a gathered-end underquilt protector one night when I set up on a ridge(for the view the next morning). Well, winds came right up from the valley under my tarp, and my underquilt protector acted like a big billows. As it was flapping in the wind it was 'pumping' cold air INTO my underquilt. I finally realized what was happening, got up, and attached a shock cord over the top of my hammock ridgeline and it fixed the issue.

    Lessons learned:
    1) don't set up on a ridge
    2) don't have too much gap between UQ and UQP

    I have since switched to the Warbonnet UQP but also have not been in a similar circumstance, so no real world test if it will perform better in high winds or not.

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    I don't know about making one of these UQPs but was surprised to see the price of one from WB's website - which probably isn't using Argon fabric but can't tell for sure. cougarmeat seems to recommend either a generic or Dutchware for alternatives. Anyone know of other options? Dutchware is clearly Argon 90 fabric and much cheaper, so I'll probably go with that if I don't hear of anything better. Almost was gonna beg someone to make one for me since I've never done the sewing (nor have any equipment).

    Felt some dew on my hammock this morning so I am starting to understand the need for UQP.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tinktheman12 View Post
    I don't know about making one of these UQPs but was surprised to see the price of one from WB's website - which probably isn't using Argon fabric but can't tell for sure.


    Pretty sure that one is 20d nylon. (Argon is a Dutchware fabric.)
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    tinktheman12, Not so much "recommend" - I was just surprised at the price difference.

    When I looked into it, I saw there was much more going on with the WB model - enough to justify the price difference if the features were worth it to you. But, in my case, I didn't need the WB "glove fit". In the past, all my UQ's, for GE's and the RR, came from 2QZQ. I tried to look up the orders - understanding all prices have increased - but I periodically purge old emails (like beyond 5 years) and they are gone.

    The main thing is, WB is more expensive but is it not the same as what you'd get from Dutchware. In fact, Dutchware doesn't have a specific RR UQP. They figure the sizes between the Banyon and the RidgeRunner are so close that their bridge UQP will work on both. With WB, you'll get a UQP specifically tailored to the RR. I believe it has head and foot panels rather than just a cinch bungee. And you can match your RR fabric color. For example, WB has a Fern Green. The closest I'll come with DutchWare is Lime Green and it's about an ounce heavier.

    I just checked it and though it is in the panel of colors, it doesn't show up in the Option popup - it may be out of stock.

    So my recommendation was more ... "There's an alternative"
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    Nice work, Infrastellar. Makes me want to sew one up for myself.

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