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    I have a thermarest ridgerunner ccf pad. Used it a lot when I started into this hammock world. This is a great piece of gear. However like others have said, stick with an underquilt would be my advice, as the thermarest ridgerunner does/did collect moisture, across a vast temperature range ( above and below freezing).

    I will still use my thermarest ridgerunner, backpacking/float camping/car tent camping, if and when, I go to the ground or use a cot. However, next time I go, I will use the "Cocoon" Cotton Sheet Sleeping Bag/Travel sheet liner available at REI. This cotton liner slips over the CCF pad and I think will erase the condensation issue, by creating a barrier between skin and ccf pad. This is the same product my daughter used as she traveled through the hostels of Europe.

    Have fun.


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    Hi Chef4,
    I'll chime in here.
    I thru-hike the A.T. 3 times and every time used my Hennessy hammock expedition zip and was very, very happy not to sleep in a shelter.
    Most shelters are dirty and rodent ridden and many people come and go at late night visits hoping to get a spot in the shelter.
    Plus the advantage to using a hammock is you don't need to look for a flat spot just 2 trees and hang and hang wherever you want to.
    The trick I used in the Smokies was to wait until the shelter fills up then no problem hanging
    I also use the Jacks R better 20% under quilt and used it the whole way and never had a problem with it and it works great till this day.
    Hope this helps you out.
    EZDoesit A.T. 2001, 2002, 2003

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    I’m taking a couple of weeks break to give heel pain a chance to resolve, then will jump back on the AT in Tuxedo NY. Would you guess I can just dump my inflatable, skip the ccf and hammock all the way to Maine? I’ve only spent a single night in a shelter in 7 weeks. I’ve decided to stick with my 40 deg yeti UQ.

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