One more trip before the hellacious heat and humidity set in for good. I never publicized trips very often but now that covid has unleashed the entire world into the wilderness, there's really no point or hope for solitude in most places that were once quite. I did enjoy this place to myself, but it's not the greatest. I75 is loud, less than a mile away. The nearby casino lights up the bay at night. The mosquitoes were thick away from the shore so I stayed out in the open most of the time. Horrible hammock trees. At least I knew all of this going into it. Overall, a good trip but likely on to the "first and last time" list.

I didn't sleep great since my 40 TQ was too warm. But I was afraid to go with just the liner. Weather is hard to predict on the water.

Then my phone died. I had a small battery pack with me but it didn't seem to be charging as usual so I gave up. It was nice coming home and only having a dozen pics to sort thru opposed to 400! I have a replacement battery coming, so I'll see how that goes. I sort of got enough for a half-fast youtube video. Barely.