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that is most disappointing.

joking aside, if it's as you say, i'd consider doing something else: you have very lightweight material, and (now) detailed instructions to waterproof it on the cheap. if you're fair weather campers, you'd be better served maybe by having some ponchos, than a big tarp, and this lightweight material is excellent for that. for a big tarp to use for cooking etc space when car/trailer camping, you don't want lightweight materials, you get something sturdy and cheap i would think. you could easily make two or even three 8x5 ponchos out of that thing, and you'd end up with a very nice and useful piece of gear, that also serves as a solo tarp (nice to have on a day hike for instance if you get a sudden t-storm and want to get out of the rain ). i know it's heresy to talk about an 8x5 tarp here on HF, but perhaps it helps give some ideas. i'd put that material to good use, is all i'm saying (but maybe i'm just too stressed about ripstop, over here "dollar ripstop" sounds like a fairytale, if you can get something decent for 6-7bucks it's a bargain, it's often hard to get anything at all, unless ordering online)
Oh it will not go unused. It will more than likely see more use than the one I buy. Like I said, the only time I'm hammocking in anything close to bad weather is on hunting trips. The better 3/4's will not have any part of being on those trips. I will still use the big tarp when we hammock together. we use the spreader bars to hang side by side under it, and it is still fine for light rain and keep the dew off on spring and summer trips.