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    Ridgerunner and spreader bars in carry on luggage

    Just wondering if anyone has taken a ridgerunner with spreader bars on a plane in carry on luggage? Want to take them with me but not sure if the airline will say no!

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    Check with your airline...they might allow it, but if it trips at the security checkpoint you're at the mercy of their policy. I see you're in the UK...I know for US TSA requirements for tent stakes and poles they must be checked. Based on that, in the US...I would check the spreader bars since they would probably be considered a tent pole.

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    There is so much inconstancy. At one time they wouldn’t allow a nail file through the check point but you could then buy one at the magazine/gift store on the other side. Some airlines will check oversized or awkward sized items for you when you board - like an umbrella. So you might attach them to an umbrella shaft. Add a handle for a cane, etc.
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