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    Calculating end-caps / triangles for an integrated bugnet

    Howdy folks.

    It's been a few years since I made a hammock. But, I wanted to whip one up for a friend. However, some of my old resources have fallen into disrepair; xtrekker took down his videos, posts missing images, etc.

    I would like to make a hammock like Jellyfish's Nova, but with a wider fabric. Definitely not the golden ratio.

    Does anyone know or remember how to figure out the size of the triangles / end caps based on the length and width of a hammock? I'd like to integrate a bugnet.

    Thank you for any and all assistance.

    I look forward to being back in the game!

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    I think the Nova was all based on the GR so if you decide not to follow that anymore the ratios for the end caps doesn't really apply anymore. That's how I interpreted the Nova build at least. So I think you're pretty free to do them as you wish. If you want to use the Nova as a starting point the angle going up into the gathered end is 72 deg, based on the pentagram (360/5=72). But if you use 70, 80, or even 90 deg I don't think will matter that much.

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    basically, i guess you would decide based on how you expect it to be used in terms of lay: think of the largest human you expect to lay in the hammock, and at what angle to the suspension line you expect them to lay. once you established this, you have a 3d shape (or rather an approximation), based on which you should be able to easily determine the angle of the endcaps. having said that, i doubt being exact about this is very critical, if you're within some reasonable range, that's the nice thing about fabric, it will sort itself out (although i'd probably just make it adjustable, but that's me, i have issues)

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