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I went UL with the lighter fabrics when I did, because I realized at my age, if I waited for the heavier bombproof gear to wear out first, I was never going to get there.

My Golite Pinnacle, and AHE 12' tarp both show only minimum wear after the last 10 years. I've washed my JRB SS several times. It's as good of a TQ as it ever was and I purchased it on HF used. Socks and boots are the only things I seem to wear out.

As a result. I now have a really really nice LW kit for anyone who wants to tag along and give hammocks a shot. I know it will work for them.
Good point about shoes/socks... in the long haul, shoes are my #1 expense, lasting about 500 to 700 miles, if I'm lucky.

I was using some thin Wright socks but they wore out after 100-150 miles so I've been trying different ones this year.