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    Quote Originally Posted by nanok View Post
    mmm, that's an interesting idea, but if you want quick and doable with "available materials" (even in the field), i'd just use a piece of your favourite guyline spare (just not dyneema), hitch it to your desired tieout on the tarp, and then, with the hanging tail, icicle hitch to the pole. just make sure you get the direction of the icicle hitch right, as it is asymmetrical (which is partly why it is so good).

    the only disadvantage with this approach is that it will cost you a bit of pole length on each side (so not the most efficient in terms of pole real estate), but shouldn't be too bad either

    edit: a bit easier might be a pile hitch with some extra turns, but i haven't tried it on a really slick pole to tell you how well it would work (hmm, maybe i should). i do use the pile hitch to attach the guyline to a treking pole for instance for porch mode, and i would highly recommend it for that at least, it's better for that purpose than any other solution i've tried (not the least because it is so easy and quick to tie in the middle of the rope, and also to re-adjust)

    anyway, let us know how it goes, improvised solutions like this are very nice to have handy, so useful experimentation for everyone (you are doing important research, we expect thorough data :P )
    I'm embarrassed to say I didn't even know what those hitches were and had to look them up on but I'm definitely going to be adding those to my repertoire. Thanks

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    I will measure poles later . For a Beastee Dee size it is 13mm .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay_8ch View Post
    I'm embarrassed to say I didn't even know what those hitches were and had to look them up on but I'm definitely going to be adding those to my repertoire. Thanks
    definitely nothing to be embarrassed about, those hitches are not common at all, and it's one reason why i decided to chime in, even though i know my reply is a bit offtopic (the "which of these two options should i go for" and "the third, of course" kind of thing). i'm glad if it inspires somebody, that's the whole point.

    in the meantime i had a chance to play with them one evening, on a chopstick (a very slippery one, and tapered), i can certify that the icicle works even "the wrong way" (as the name suggests, it holds even against a thinning taper); the pile hitch, otoh, is not very good at this (so great for porch mode, not a good one for extreme stuff like pole mods, the icicle hitch is the proper one for that)

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