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    Bibbulmun track hammocking

    Hi all, was wondering if anyone knew whether the bibbulmun track was hammock friendly for a thru hike? I know sections are but not sure if there are trees the whole way along or not. Thanks heaps :)

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    Hi Shmaud, I was hoping someone would chime in your post as my research into this a few months back was not very conclusive. I could only find bits and pieces re hammocks on the Bib. From what I could tell the forest/inland sections look ok but not too sure about the coastal areas. I decided that if I got stuck without a place to hang I could use the shelters or go to ground. Due to being shut out of WA my plans for this year are shot but maybe next year for me. At risk of getting lots of "helpful" advice from non-hangers you could try forum or Bib Track page on FB? Good luck!

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