For Anyone interested : Sesqui State park in Columbia is once again starting it's "Palmetto Campout" program and PSH is once again helping them.
We supply labor and get rewarded with the satisfaction of seeing folks camp who have never camped before...
Some of the highlights from Ranger Stacy:

"We would love to have you;
1. Lead a hammock camping workshop
2. Assist in the cooking station throughout the weekend (we have come to rely greatly on you all, I hope people are interested in helping with this!!)
3. Lead ghost stories around the campfire - Tally has confirmed he will be telling lies!

Anyone volunteering with PSH is welcome to arrive Friday and camp Friday night as well as Saturday night. You will be set up in the primitive area as usual, but we have a slight issue. Somehow some of our primitive sites got booked, so you’ll have the site closest to our family campground (event location), which is primitive site # 5. But we will have scout groups on sites 1 – 4 in the primitive area. We have a hammock rack on site 5 that will accommodate up to 6 hammocks I think, and then other folks will have to do there best to find a spot. I apologize, it may be a little more crowded than usual.


For anyone who has volunteered for this event in the past, we’re doing things a little differently because of Covid. Here’s our basic Covid guidelines;
Stay home if you are sick or have any symptoms or if you have been in contact with someone who tested positive within the last 7 days.
Masks are recommended but not required outdoors only during activities with sustained close contact. For volunteers at the food stations, we are asking that you please wear a mask when serving food and working the food station. We will also provide gloves for all volunteers. For participants, we are leaving this up to individuals and their families but we are not requiring masks.
Physically distancing 6 ft. apart or more is the safest option, we’ll try to do this as much as possible but we will definitely have situations where this is not possible. If that makes anyone uncomfortable they can choose not to participate.
We will have a barrier set up between the participants and the food when we serve food as a group.
We will ask volunteers to frequently clean and disinfect the food station.


Here is the list of meals we’ll need volunteers for;
Lunch (hotdogs & chips served buffet-style)
Trail mix station
Dinner (Hobo meals)
S’mores & mountain pies
Breakfast ( Ziploc bag omelets, sausage, biscuits on a stick)
**Not everyone has to work every meal. Pick 2 or 3 so you don't get burned out!
For each meal volunteers will 1) prep the food and food area, 2) assist with cooking food, 3) help serve the food, and 4) clean up after each meal and restock supplies as needed.

So the trail mix and cobbler stations will just require serving. For the lunch station we will probably ask volunteers to help cook hotdogs for lunch and then set up the “food line” with chips, condiments, etc. and serve. S’mores and mountain pies will be setting everything out and serving folks. Dinner and breakfast will be the most labor intensive. For the hobo meals, we will have 2 trenches dug near primitive site # 5. We will need volunteers to fill the trenches with charcoal and get the charcoal good and hot in time for families to come cook their meals. The coals should be ready for cooking by 6:30 pm. Volunteers will be in charge of placing the meals on the fire and taking them off. We will provide all supplies needed for that.

Volunteers with breakfast will be asked to help cook sausage, wrap biscuits on dowel rods to cook biscuits on a stick, and help cook omelets in pots of boiling water for participants.
For breakfast we’ll have stations for every 2 – 3 families to cook their omelets, so we’ll need at least probably 8 – 10 people to help with breakfast so we can have at least one volunteer at each station.
PSH volunteers will have 2 park staff to report to who are in charge of the food throughout the event, their names are Joy Raintree and Bryn Harmer.
Saturday night: participants will listen to Pudden tell his tales


I've included a sign up sheet below for anyone interested...