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    YOBO Cricket Stand- 1 Week Review

    The YOBO Cricket Stand- 1 Week Review

    Let me start by saying I have tried out many other stands, some I love (Tensa4) and some I hated (TATO). Some of you may remember my 30-night review of the Tensa4 about 3 years ago. Well, I just had a chance to take my new YOBO Cricket stand out for a week long trip...and I have some things to say about it. I want to also state that I paid for this stand with my own money and have not been sponsored or encouraged by YOBO in any way. This is all my own thoughts and opinions.

    First off, let’s get past the big elephant in the room...the price. Yes! This stand is expensive! And I know most folks simply won't even get past the sticker shock of this thing, and I know that's where YOBO gets a lot of blow back is simply on price alone. I camp a lot and my butt is big so...I want my gear bomb proof, easy to use, and innovative and I don't mind putting my money toward those qualities. Just as an ultralight backpacker may spend $500 on a HG Dyneema Tarp setup with lines and such, or a set of 20 degree Trailheadz Ethereal Quilts will run you $800, or how much does a quilt set cost to get some of you crazy folks down to -40 degrees (just kidding...kinda). No one bashes those companies for offering a premium product, so I want to come at it the same way with YOBO, which does offer cheaper stands along the same price point as Tensa and TATO. I also want to say, at first, I was equally as floored at the price as I am sure most are...then I saw the stand in person.

    The YOBO folks: Kristen and Cal are really great folks looking to bring a very innovative stand to market and into the community. They have been very supportive of a few hangs here in the Southern US (even cooler considering they are based all the way in Wyoming). This is huge for me because I want to support vendors that support the community first, and they have shown me that they are on the same page. Any questions I have, they have gotten back to me within an hour or so. They have worked really hard designing this stand and their hard work shows clearly in the product.

    Build Quality: This stand is on point! Everything about this stand is very well made and put together. Everything worked the way that it should the first time. Once the stand was put together it was solid. Everything had a purpose. Everything on it you could see was well thought out and constructed. This thing came out the gate looking like a full production model. Even with my big butt hanging, the poles never showed a bit of stress. It really is something that seeing this thing online does not convey, you have to see this in person to really appreciate it.

    Size/Storage: The whole package is very compact. It comes in a roll-style carrying case (also very high quality), which is very nice. A little lighter than my Tensa, but the bag is about 4 inches longer. Would I take this on a backpacking trip??? Maybe a short one, which is usually the only one I go on. It is very packable for car camping, bikepacking, motorcycle, or off-roading. The storage bag allows you to organize your stand and all the parts so everything is right where you left it and ready to set up or take down.

    Setup: the stand setup no problem (with one exception). First time I sat down in it…. Solid. I hover around the 400lb mark so any fall is a heavy fall, but nope. Super solid, not even a squeak from the stand. The YouTube tutorials YOBO has on their channel were very helpful. The stand went up just fine outside the box. The only exception came with the tarp connectors, which I eventually gave up on, due to the fact that I couldn’t stake out the guylines on the ground I was on. Hopefully, after watching their new video on setting the stand up with a tarp I can practice in my backyard and get a lot better with the tarp aspect.

    The support lines: The support lines that make this piece of witchcraft work are really neat. Not sure on the type of cordage, but it reflects light at night and is very easy to see. Before using the stand I thought the lines may get in the way and make the stand feel cramped. However, they did not and laying in the hammock I hardly knew they were there. Not any more than the poles on my Tensa4.

    Other things I love: This stand is super easy to move. If the sun is in your eyes, simply pick it up and move it. No stakes or lines to worry about, just pick it up and go to where you want to hang or get a change of view. Move it to the campfire to hang out with friends, then back to your site after everyone goes to bed, it's that simple (well without the taro part). Indoor hanging! Simply, in my opinion, the best option for indoor hanging that is: easily moveable, storable, and can accommodate a full size 11ft hammock. The versatility of this stand is really unmatched. I really look forward to continuing to put this stand through its paces and taking it on many more adventures, like our usual month-long summer camping vacation.

    Final thoughts: Is this stand worth the price tag? All in all, yes. With all things considered, I think this is the best stand on the market right now. Its versatility is unmatched. I will say, one thing that the Tensa4 (which I still love and would also recommend) does have over it is the ability to hang a tarp from the stand itself with any other mods or poles. But the 500lb capacity, along with the compact design, build quality, customer support, and the ability to freely set up and more the stand at will really hits home. On top of all that, they support the community as well and make it a point to be at hangs.

    Just my two cents...
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    Thanks for the write up.
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    The machining of the hubs and small details are amazing.
    I also have the freedom hubs to use outdoors.
    Very nicely made stand.
    Nice write-up!

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