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    What's Old is New - Another Sleeping Bag Underquilt

    Good morning and Happy Friday!

    I was walking through the local thrift shop the other day and ran across an inexpensive sleeping bag in really great condition and thought "This could make a really nice, easy underquilt project." So I took it home and got out the gear tools and went to work. When I cut it (yep, I really cut it) I tapered the head and leg/feet areas. At the head it measures 52 inches wide, then opens to 56 inches at the shoulder and torso, and then tapers again to 48 inches at the feet. The finished length is 68 inches. I am a side sleeper and tend to move a lot during the night, so I made it a little wonky to keep coverage while I change positions. Some grosgrain edges, shock cord and line locks later, and voila! Truth in advertising: My wife did the sewing. I am still learning my way around the thread injector. I still need to finish the shock cord ends, but not a bad little project for a Thursday.
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    Very nice! I just bought a down REI 6' bag on ebay, and I am going to try the "clews" modification that just surfaced. The seller measured the loft at 3.5". I figure a wash in Gearaid Revivex, and a ride in the drier with a couple tennis shoes should give me the base for a decent underquilt.

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