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    Quote Originally Posted by Mescript View Post
    I only loan spare gear and when I mean loan, I automatically assume I am giving it to them. If it finds its way back to me undamaged, great. If it finds its way back to me damaged, I already assumed I wasn't getting it back.
    The best approach!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HomesteaderWB View Post
    I've read many times that it's good to have a loaner hammock around for friends and family and strangers and such. Does this mean you also keep extra quilts (top, under) to include with the loaner hammock?

    A pal of mine would like to try it out, but I've only got a Hennessy Expedition classic bottom entry that I could loan him. No quilts. I do have a Big Agnes Cross Mountain sleeping bag with the matching pad that fits into a sleeve on the bottom, but I suspect that might be a little tough for him to wrangle.

    How do you all handle loaners to potential new hangers?
    My advice would be to do it during warmer months on an overnight where you could bail out if said person is too uncomfortable.
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    I have a WBBB XLC with all the bells and whistles that I use when I’m out by myself.

    I also have a DIY hammock for use with a mat and sleeping bag.

    When I’m out with a newbie, I put them in the BlackBird and use the DIY myself.

    My theory is that I want them to experience the best of things and I can be comfortable enough in my DIY.
    Most newbies can’t get the hang of sleeping on a mat straight away and end up with CBS leading to them declaring that they’ll never use a hammock again.

    If I can make their first night a success then they’re much more likely to come back (and get their own gear).

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    This is how old gear gets retired in my world so I usually tell them they are not allowed to return it. They will do fine without the quilt if they are first timers

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