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    Eno Dryfly Porch Mode question

    Good afternoon everyone,
    New to hammock camping and have an Eno system for a trip in 2 weeks. I bought the Dryfly for my tarp and am looking to try and set up in a porch mode style. We are camping at Carolina Beach and Iím wanting as much airflow as possible to avoid it getting too hot. I assume I need three poles to accomplish this since there are 3 stake out point. Is it possible to tie the middle stake out over to one of the sides? What kind of poles would I need to use? Trekking or adjustable tent poles?

    Sorry for the long post and thank you in advance for your time and consideration

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    Why not put the 3 stake out side of the tarp on the leeward side and use the 2 stake out side on the windward side? Or, just flip that middle tie out over the top and tie it off on the backside to keep it out of the way?

    You can use trekking poles, tent poles, sticks, branches, or even other trees if you have enough cordage.

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