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    Hang fan from Eno Guardian

    Good afternoon everyone,
    I have a trip to the beach coming in two weeks and was wondering about hanging a small portable fan from one of the gear loops inside the guardian bugnet. It’s an Amacool portable fan I got off of amazon and weigh a little over 11oz. I couldn’t find any info on what the gear loops would support so I wanted to ask the members here. Thank you for your time and consideration

    PS: If y’all have time, please see my post under the weather protection subpage about setting up an eno dryfly in a porch mode configuration.

    thanks to everyone

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    The only thing I can think of is to maybe tie a piece of cordage between the two gear loops and hang the fan from that - it might help distribute the weight of the fan between two loops instead of all the weight on one. Not familiar with this bugnet.
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