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    In no particular order:

    Superior Hammock.jpg
    1st trip with the Superior Hammock. Loved it!

    Clouds over McIntosh Lake.jpg
    There were interesting cloud formations over McIntosh Lake

    Moon rise.jpg
    Moon rise before the eclipse

    Wolf scat.jpg
    Wolf scat beside my size 10 shoe. The meal was moose

    Don't tread on me.jpg
    Took a wrong turn on Otterslide Creek and cut across a small channel to get back on track. Almost stepped on Mr. Snapper

    Pizza by Jiblets.jpg
    Pizza, courtesy of Jiblets

    Pine growing offshore.jpg
    Nature has a way of finding ways to grow

    Coming in for landing.jpg
    Coming in for landing

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    my oh my how I miss y'all !!!!! keep it up my EGL peoples.

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    Canada>Central->EGL 2022 Spring - Death March to Chicamoula

    Wow! Thanks for the story. That makes my solo trip home pretty boring.

    Thanks for the trip fellas. I really enjoyed it. Hope to see you again in Temagami or at Island lake Aug 5-8 if you can make it. I posted a trip proposal and a few of you have responded but given that Iím just seeing all of these comments now, I clearly still canít work this darn HF thing properly.

    As you may recall, I stole Chardís idea and headed home an extra day early just in case the 2400m portage was a challenge. I met Brian coming the other way on the portage and passed Iguana who had camped not far from the portage.

    I camped just before getting to Arrowhead. Had a much needed swim Sunday afternoon when I got there, or maybe some of you had already noticed it was much needed. I had an easy 1 hour paddle back to Canoe Lake. Somehow I had light rail winds on the way in AND out. So I bought a t-shirt at the gift shop to celebrate and headed home.

    Hope to see you all soon. Hereís some pics.

    Breakfast view Monday.

    Falafels for spaghetti Sunday night

    Falafels, noodles and spaghetti sauce. Not sure why the falafels look so green. They were delicious.

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