well, finally got some time to get out and hang for the first time this yr, also test the new stuff i acquired over the winter, took the daughter who is 9 with me as well, she was in her eno double, with the yeti and a homemade underquilt 3/4 lenght. she also had a 0 degree nebo bag as a top quilt hit high 30's for an overnight low she says she was very warm and cozy, in the am she was even able to get the fire restoked before i got up. she was awesome to take with, good ole father/daughter time. nothing like it!!!! we both forgot the camera, on the other hand the night started out rough as i forgot my incubater at home, called the wife she got it to me at 9:45 in the evening park closes at 10:00, the incubater was tough to figure out the suspension in the dark by flashlight, but was able to get it due to me staying warm once asleep, getting the tarp set up was also tough the prussik knots would not slide like i had thought they should any suggesions?? got a phone call at 1:00 am wife said the 2 dogs had gotten out of the fenced in backyard, could not sleep due to that they are such good hounds, heartbreaking knowing i could not help the wife find them, then battery in cell went dead, got up in the am broke the news to the daughter, she was upset so we hurried up packed out and drove home only to find both dogs made it back home, many thanks to the local police dept. they were great!!! root cause of the fugitive dogs....... next door niegbor stole firewood and left gate open, can't wait for them to move in may!!!! sorry for the rambli'n