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    Solo in the field

    I'm surprised TensaOutdoor doesn't have its own Sub-Forum tread by now.

    Here is a photo of a Solo Pole - sort of in the background - that allowed a bridge (RSBTR Kit) and GE to hang together. The foot end tree was common to both. The head end of the Bridge went to a tree, but with the width of the bridge, I had to move the GE a little further away and the Solo Pole was just the ticket for that.


    If I were a race car driver (or bicycle racer), let's see how many endorsement patches I can rack up ...
    Tarp: MiniFly, WarBonnet.
    Tarp snake skin: Simply Light Designs
    Tarp suspension/hardware: Dutchware
    Tarp guylines: Nite-eze
    Tarp Shepard hook stakes: REI
    Stake Pounder (plastic mallet) REI

    Hammock suspension: Kammock Python daisy chain, Ultimate Hammock daisy chain.
    Suspension Carabiners: WarBonnet

    Hammocks: Blue Bridge, kit from RSBTR, Black GE is Grand Trunk
    Hammock occupant: from Joy's Mom

    Trees: from [deity of your choice]

    Solo Pole, pole straps, boomstake anchors: TensaOutdoors

    Note: Joy prefers the bridge hammock. She has yet to embrace the diagonally lie (she calls it the diagonal lie). But she volunteered to be in the GE so the Solo Pole straps would be taut. This was my first deployment of the Solo. Though minutes before it held almost twice her weight, or maybe because minutes before it held almost twice her weight, she looks less that peacefully relaxed (Oh ye of little faith).

    Until I get a Tensa4, or maybe even after it's as an option, I'm going to like that Solo. It's very compact, relatively light, and eliminates the need for two trees the right distance apart - as long as you can put in solid anchors. I used two of the shorter boomstakes.
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