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    Warbonnet Ridgerunner mesh hang modifications

    I have made two related changes to the Ridgerunner mesh bug cover.
    The first was made because of rain coming down the head end tensioner line when it is hooked out around the tree or in that area. I sewed two small grosgrain pieces to the underside of my tarp middle seam. These were placed far enough away from hammock edge to provide outward tension, but not too far away (important for second step!). Then, I put miniature key rings in these loops. At that point, itís easy to simply hook the mesh to those rings ( foot end is similar), and re-tension. Note: I also changed to LinLoc3s to facilitate tensioning. I left the full length of cord in case I want to hammock without the tarp.
    Then, because every little breeze is important down here in the South, (and much of that breeze blocked by the mesh), I placed mitten hooks in the head-end tension line. The hook nearest to the mesh was modified so it was easily hooked with one hand. Now, when lying in the hammock, it is easy enough to unzip the mesh, reach up to the mesh ring and unhook that suspension line. Mesh can now be flipped back down, until the mosquitoes start attacking! Then, without getting out, re hook the suspension mitten hook (you did leave it hanging within reach, right?), and rezip the mesh.
    I have several pics, but donít know how to attach them!

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    Hey Africaman! There's a bunch of useful posts in the forum about adding photos - Here's a link to one:

    I'd be curious to see what you're describing, as there have been many attempts at modifying the WBRR mesh situation due to the lack of structural ridgeline like you have on a gathered end hammock. My "job-to-be-done" with the mesh was creating a way to hang my hangtime hook so I can chill and watch movies on my phone.
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