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    LOL! I love it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    What size tarp condom did ya make,,, Turbo or maximus????
    I use the magnum on my big ole Tarp.....
    Funny thing about the skins is that I made them out of nearly transparent, lightweight ripstop, so they don’t look much different than her initial description of them. Not so much of a ‘Magnum’ as a ‘Gi-huge-a-ma-ganitc’, though.

    I used the basic plans posted by HC4U on an old thread, though my fabric was just a bit over 6’ rather than the 7’ he used. Considering the size of the GG 12x12 it fits in the skins fairly well, though a bit snug. I can’t just gently tug on either end and have the tarp fall out like Shug shows on his videos.

    I should have realized that the skins would have prevented the tarp from being packed down as small as it was without them. The skins weigh practically nothing and take up virtually no space, but forcing the tarp into a tubular shape makes it harder to pack down small. I’m guessing that if I make the tubes a bit bigger around they may allow me to squish everything smaller again. Still, since we mostly car camp the compressibility isn’t as necessary.

    - Mark (S-4-C)

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    That's fantastic. Your wife has gained some new fans...

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