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    Another way to use WB cinch buckles

    For a cinch buckle that stays with a hammock, these are pretty nice and fairly popular. I find them a bit more difficult to adjust than some, so I tried this:

    - I removed the hardware from the CL.

    - I tethered the two triangles together with the small red cord that is included using that tiny hole.

    - Now, you can simply larkshead one of the triangles to a CL already installed on the hammock end. Bonus: easily removeable at any time!

    - The second triangle is the "slider" and is a whole lot easier to grip and lift when it's not encumbered by the standard CL configuration.

    - The red cord serves to keep that second triangle from getting misplaced or lost.

    Now I just need to figure out what use I can put those two short CLs to... (I re-spliced them.)

    And, yes, you have to take care to keep things aligned as the CL no longer helps with that.
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