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    FOR SALE: Mountain Hardware Skyview 3 Tent

    I have a New, never used Mountian Harware Skyview 3, 3\4 season convertible tent for sale. Included is the fitted ground cloth. I don't have all the specs on it but it's roomy, even for 3 and has a huge vestibule. Has 2 clear-view windows and great ventilation via a large zip out panel and 2 doors.

    It would be great divided up between hikers to carry, campsite, kayak and canoe camping.

    Ratings for this tent are very good;

    So why am I selling it? I bought it hoping others would go camping with me, but it never happened.

    Cost $425.00 new, selling for $250.00 + shipping. Anyone local to Stanly County North Carolina can pick it up.

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    That is a nice tent, I sold quite a few of them and even had one in the rental department of the store I worked at. Took it out and used it once--back in the day.
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    will you take 150.00? it's not a hammock you-know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kc0dlk View Post
    will you take 150.00? it's not a hammock you-know.
    Huh! It's not a hammock! Why I'm perplexified, mortified, personified even.
    No, but I'll take $225.00 and free shipping.

    Thanks for the offer though.

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    Leeping Liz, try over at WhiteBlaze you'll probally do better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bags4266 View Post
    Leeping Liz, try over at WhiteBlaze you'll probally do better.
    Yes good idea, also try Trailspace dot com / in the classifieds thread.

    The MH Skyview 3-4 season series are very good tents indeed.
    Very versatile, roomy tent with huge vestibules. Great for tenters with dogs due to the vestibule size.
    A little on the heavy side but easily managed by splitting between two people.

    250.00 is a good price for one of these in new condition.
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    Sold on Ebay for $250.00.

    Thanks for all of the input. By the way, anyone know how to remove these posts? Can't seem to figure it out.

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