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    11 foot DCF camo tarp with doors no lines, HG

    This fabulous camo DCF tarp is 11 feet long, has doors, does not include lines, made by HG. I bought this years ago and it spent five days with me on the AT (mostly Maryland, as I recall), then I put it away until I pulled it out this past season for a long weekend on the AT in Vermont. Worked great both times, but I seem to be a "shorter is better" hammocker, and 11 feet of tarp cramps my hang. I'll be taking a 10 foot DCF with me this spring when I start down in Georgia for a LASH, but that's another story.

    This tarp looks like new, no faults I'm aware of. No stuff sack I've found so far--I used a different stuff sack years back when I first tried it out, or I didn't get a stuff sack with it, memory fails me. I'll check one more time but assume "no stuff sack."

    HG currently lists this at 430 smackers, 2-3 week wait. I can be yours shipped continental US for $350 immediately. This seems much the same as the one pictured at HG (standard camo doors), though my scale says about 8.3 oz while HG says 8.45 oz (shrug), probably within margin of error for home scale.

    I remember this one fondly, despite it being too long for my personal hang preferences. It kept me bone dry during a violent thunderstorm in Maryland. I could have set up under the pavilion at Gathland State Park, but no, I wanted to test it out, and it worked a treat, not a drop on me while two inches of water from the downpour rushed along the ground a few inches below my hammock. Pictured here with a snakeskin (I can't recommend doing this with a DCF tarp), which, alas, is also not included.

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