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    Watch SHUGs videos if you havent already. He covers most, if not all, of your questions.

    Tarp: Please keep in mind that whilst I was experimenting, to save money, I just used a Walmart Tarp and played around with different configurations. If you get it large enough you can make doors for both ends. Matter of fact, that tarp that I experimented with has lasted me 5 or 6 years and I still use it regularly.

    Using duct tape, some D rings, clove hitches and some pebbles or marbles, you can even make pullouts for each side of your tarp, ncreasing the coverage area. Derek Hansens book about Hammocking shows you how to do what I just mentioned. Hit me up if you are interested in doing this and cant figure it out. Very simple mods.

    For backpacking, I went with the Hammock Gear Journey Tarp. Top notch product. They went overseas for a short time on their tarps. Make sure you get their USA made version. This said, I also backpack with my blue Walmart Tarp.m To me the weight difference is negligible AND the Walmart Tarp is cheap and multiuse, i.e. can use it as a ground cover, kneel or sit pad, raincoat etc.

    Staying warm: It took me some time to grasp this but less clothes inside your topquilt and underquilt, is usually better. In short, your escaped body heat is trapped by your quilt system and is used to keep you warm. In other words, usually, less is best. It takes some experimenting and some confidence building to get this dialed in. Caveat: dont try this out in deadly cold temps. Experiment at home.

    Most of all have fun.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

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    You're on the right track as far as i can see. I'm not a super experienced hammock camper but I have enough that I feel I can add my 2 cents. My tarp is DIY and I have to tell you it was a pain in the ***, however I didn't have a seamstress on-call. First time out if you can afford it just get the one that you think will work for you the best and if you find that you would like to modify it or make a new one DIY later then go for it. just make sure its seam sealed and test it beforehand to make sure there are no leaks. I have the HG Eco Incubator but mine is 0* and I love it, but its the only one I've ever had so I can compare it to anything. I have a personal rule with insulation. I always bring insulation that is at least rated to 20* colder than I'll experience. I can always vent my top quilt but I can't make my underquilt warmer. I wouldn't be against the 0* incubator with a little overfill. Grab an underquilt protector as well to keep any splashing at bay. they pack so small and light that they are no burden at all but can really save your insulation. A piece of Tyvek for the ground is a great luxury. Whatever suspension you use don't forget the make drip lines just incase it rains. I prefer cotton because it so absorbent. and a bugnet. Goodluck

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