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    Widest hammock fabric

    What is the widest hammock fabric available? So far in my search, ripstop by the rolls hyper d xl is the widest. (76 inches wide?). I know table cloth hammocks are wider, but thats not really what Im looking for. Any suggestions? Thx!
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    Even though my hammocks are wide (around 6 feet), I think there is a point of diminishing returns around 66 inches after hemming.
    With my roughly 6 feet wide hammocks there is some loose fabric on edges, when I lay in my hammock. Knotty mods help reduce loose fabric.
    I do not lay on an extreme enough diagonal to use all the width on my 6 foot wide hammock, but Iím only five foot 8 inches in height.

    Are you going to sleep completely sideways at 90* angle to hammock ridgeline? Some South Americans have been known to sleep sideways like that.

    Regardless, good luck, and itís all your personal preference, as in most things hammock!

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    I would have to agree with phantom and width. I have a warbonnet XLC and a Dream Hammock Sparrow that is 67 wide. I am 6’ and feel like 64 would be perfect. A lot of people like the really wide hammocks but I have found I don’t use it all either. I get a lot of loose fabric with my sparrow. I’m sure that how tall a person is will play a factor into the width they choose. To each there own. But I do want to add that I really like hype d fabric.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zach L View Post
    I am 6í and feel like 64 would be perfect.
    That sounds about right for many people.

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