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    Again, question re: cleats for the Engineers, also old yellow

    I submitted this earlier, but it was with a poorly done hand sketch. I'll try with a pic this time.

    Though the nylon cleat seems to be holding up fine when subjected to my 200+ lbs, it's 200 lb working load spec has generated some concern. But here is the question: If I take the line after all wraps on the cleat are complete, put a half hitch around the line to make sure the line does not fall out of the cleat, and then wrap the line around the biner with some half hitches or some other knot, will that provide some additional protection if the cleat breaks in half? See pics below.

    There would be some fast falling as a few inches of slack is taken up. But then the knots or hitches should tighten up. Would it be reasonable to expect this too at least significantly slow the rate of descent to the ground?

    I "tested" it by simulating breakage- I simply worked the cleat loose by hand and took it out of the system- and sure enough the lines tightened up nicely after slack was pulled out, leaving the hammock a few inches closer to the ground. I did not apply full weight as I didn't want to have to fight untying the knots. But it seems to me it might at least help some in a worse case scenario.

    Also, I got old yellow ( Harbor Freight polyester 1500lb ) into the system. It sure was a bear hacksawing that hook, and then, just as I was about to saw thru, the hook broke in a different spot! Makes me wonder if the ratchet strap ( metal hook at least and maybe other components) can really handle the load they are rated for? But I may end up sticking with Speer's ppro for my trip, because the strap is really only about 13 feet. A separate part of the ratchet strap makes up the advertised 15 feet. And I wanted extra length for WA state BIG trees. But it is super flexible and easy to work with. And it might be in my head, but I suspect I had a bit less stretch than I did with Speers PPro. I'll have to check that idea out some more later. The 107* (forecast, 105 last I looked) is not helping testing at all.
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