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    Quote Originally Posted by slowhike View Post
    i'd say that question 1 is a yes... let it conform.
    question 2 seems a little more uncertain, but i would lean in the direction of using the tarp & supper shelter to keep the hammock protected from blowing rain. then you wouldn't need to be concerned about getting the insulation wet.
    if by chance the hammock did get wet enough to concern you in a real bad storm, & you had an unused trash bag tucked away, you could pack the quilt in that until the hammock dried.
    Works for me. Thanks. I like the fact that the setup and take down is that much quicker and I don't have to carry an extra stuff sack.


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    Quote Originally Posted by angrysparrow View Post
    I don't find a single liter of water to be a burden.
    It was a joke. Anyway, I don't consider that as part of my gear. Water and food are consumables.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockStar View Post
    I dunno about Ultralight packing but, I do know about bad knees. I use Cho-Pats. They help so much I don't even know a word big enough to describe so! I tried hiking once without them and regretted it! When I use them I have NO knee problems whatsoever, which makes me feel like the Bionic Woman or something. *I had to mention that since they are remaking the series! SO EXCITED!*

    Runners knee
    , or Patellofemoral Syndrome, is what the original cho pat strap is for. And it does work well for many people. Runners knee is an overuse condition and missalignment of the knee cap. The pain there is under or below the knee cap. ITB problems are related to inflamation and tightening from the knee all the way up to the hip and butt. The pain with an ITB problem is on the sides of the knee cap. An ITB problem can be taken care of with certain stretches and rest. Of course, cho pat has a strap for it too. I have had, and recovered, from both of these. (without using the cho pat)

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