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    Been through a lot of them... I landed on Katabatic gear. I prefer horizontal baffles, differential cut, back cinch, neck baffle... I couldn't find all of that from any other vendor.

    And for all of the hecklers..... Down does not 'fall down the sides' when you are in a hammock. That is a fallacy dreamed up by someone.... or the quilt/bag is grossly underfilled.

    Be careful with overstuff on a top quilt. It can result in the quilt becoming 'stiffer' and not draping as well over you, especially around your feet. This can cause dead air space that your feet may have a hard time heating up.

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    Okay, I will mention that Katabagic gear to a friend. Maybe he like those features to upgrade his current gear. We'll just install the rack and soft tops from 4Wheelonline onto his Wrangler this weekend and he'll do more hanging this season.

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    A lot of great advice! I would add Warbonnet makes very nice quilts as well. I have a few and LOVE them. They have the draft collar and sewn foot box if you want them. I also have a hammock gear econ top quilt and really like it as well.

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