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    Here are the photos Phantom Grappler sent for the winter tarp with two internal pole mods and tie out method he's been describing.

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    OK, that is kind of what I was picturing. It looks like the lines for the doors are staked down, which would minimize the instability. Also, with the lines on one side let out a bit, it's sort of a floating lean-to.

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    Yes, porch mode. Future plan is to have four pockets sewn onto bottom corners of door flaps. Then there will be no stake on either end. Iíll tie bottom corners of door flaps together and put water bottles or other gear in pockets.
    Iíve used this setup in high winds. Except there were water jugs tied to bottom corners of door flaps.

    Tarp held good in high winds. The tarp moves surprisingly little in wind. Itís going nowhere!
    Way more stable than stakes in high winds.

    If there are any fails on this tarp tether, Iíll post here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by offGridDownUnder View Post
    Warbonnet no longer offers the two-pole modification on their tarps - only the single centre pole (he said the two pole mod rubbed the ridge of the tarp, and the single pole is inside the tarp).
    For those following along at home, this is different than the Warbonnet two-pole approach (that he doesn't offer now). His two poles were short and spanned across the top to elastic cords that anchored to patches part way down the tarp wall.

    What is shown here is pretty much like two of the Warbonnet single-pole modification now - just spaced toward the ends of the tarp instead of the middle. That suggests getting two of those poles and making the 4 anchor points to produce this. Just like this.

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