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    Anyone try the GrandTruck hammock stand?

    I was looking at the GrandTrunk site today and saw their hammock stand for sale. It specs out at a width of a bit over 11 ft and height of 4 ft. At 83% of hammock physical length, that 11+ ft span is enough for a 10 to 11 ft hammock. But I'm concerned about that 4 foot height. There was to be enough ground clearance for the hammock and UQ. If you have tried that stand, what hammock did you use and did it work for you?
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    While I do not have the Grand Trunk stand, I do have tripods at 51-inches high at the top plate, with a three section Military Ribbed Aluminum Camo Netting/Antennae pole sections, which is 12-foot in length.

    The horizontal aluminum three section pole is 48-inches off the ground.


    One might clamp pole sections to the top (to ensure adequate height) of the Grand Trunk stand to extend it to 12-foot to suite a large selection of hammocks for use.


    Both hammocks are exactly 11-feet in length (136-inch x 90-inch tablecloth DIY hammocks), with two inch channels at each end (136-inch minus 4-inch).

    Not exactly an answer to your questions, however it give a good visual of adequate height.
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    I have a grand trunk hammock stand with eno double hammock. It is a little low but if you can shorten the straps to make it better. It would've been nice with another 4-6" in height but works fine. I do use it regularly as living in Alberta, Canada I wind up camping where good trees are hard to find. My bug fly touches the ground but not my UQ. Hope that helps.

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    The GT stand is very similar to what you are asking about. Perhaps even an earlier model because mine does not have the small angle braces at the corners. I was blessed to only pay five bucks for it at a recycle building material place up north in the big city of Missoula. I love it because it is light, simple, and convenient, especially with my mods. It worked great for my DH Sparrow as well as for a WBBR and a Superior hammock. It did hang lower than I wanted for a Chameleon because when you load the version I have it does flex inward. This may have been solved by the addition of the small angle braces? For me, I initially decided to addressed the flex by notching a 2x4 that spanned the stand apexes. A couple of years ago someone posted some light fixture hardware that looked idea for replacing the 2x4 with the camo netting poles and then later with a length of fencing top pipe that I scored at the recycle building materials store. This past spring I added wheels to the stand so that I can wheel it to where I want to use it or move it out of the way. Since I use it every day the wheels have been a stellar addition.

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