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    New Junglenest with aluminum toggles. Older strap question.

    Picked a new Junglenest up for my son and it has aluminum toggles on it. I also picked up a set of helios straps to go with it, but was wondering if anyone has used the aluminum toggles with the older style straps and how are they doing it? I have a nomad stand and am trying to figure out how he can connect it to the straps built into that which are the old style loops. I was thinking of making a small amsteel loop to use with a carabiner. Put the carabiner in the strap and then use the loop for the toggles on the hammock. Any thoughts or ideas?
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    Hey Fig, I found this image on their site. You can push down each of the aluminum toggles just enough to slide a carabiner through the closed loops. Hope this helps!
    Carabiner connection on JungleNest.JPG

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    I have placed a caribiner clipped to the rope under the title, so that the toggle "catches" in the narrow end of the biner. Amateur diagram below.

    New to hanging!

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