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    question about site selection, tarps and wind

    I've recently upgraded my system from a standard hex tarp to a tarp with doors (WB thunderfly) and a summer/winter sock. With these two items, how much does this cut down on the need for a wind block when selecting a site. I live in an area with a lot of great sites near the water, and I'd like to set up near the water from time to time, given there's not any white caps forming, of course. I also do a lot of paddling and enjoy camping in paddle in spots.

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    There's two things to consider here:

    The effect of wind on the tarp, i.e. windage or the sail effect
    The effect of wind on your insulation.

    There won't be much difference in how your tarp reacts - it's still a sail strung between a couple of trees and pegged to the ground. Pitch in the same spot and pretty well all tarps will react in the same way, in fact bigger tarps are more likely to buffet around and maybe pull the pegs/stakes as the wind has more to work on. Some recommend pitching side on to the wind, others recommend parallel to it with the windward tree providing protection. It's actually best to pitch somewhere around 45deg to the wind as it reduces that vortex/back blow effect that you get with wind blowing over a solid(ish) object but you still get some protection from the windward tree. With the partial doors on your tarp you can batten down that end and leave the leeward end open for easy ingress/egress.

    Might be worth making yourself a Grizz Beak to fully block off the windward end. I've done this for my homemade Cowboy Badlander - which is pretty close in design to a Thunderfly - most of the time the half doors are fine but if it's wild I'll deploy the Beak on one end.

    The sock will help with your insulation as it will prevent any breeze from pulling heat away from you.
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    I've made two changes to my tarp setup. First, after a Wind 2, Cougarmeat 0 score when trying to set up in high wind conditions, I went to Snakeskins - initially an older Hennessey model, then to mesh because the mesh skin dries faster.

    Second, I switched from setting up mostly broadside to the wind to parallel to the wind. The reasoning was that the tarp was taking the full brunt of the wind when broadside. Even with pullouts, it could be pushed into the GE, and I didn't want to stress the pull-outs. When I switched to parallel with the wind, I found the trees themselves provided some blockage and when the wind did flow over the tarp sides, it created lift rather than push the sides in. I had to pay attention to the angle of my stakes to compensate for the lift effect.

    I also use a UQP to mitigate the heat-robbing effect but I don't mind the hammock being rocked by the wind.

    I used to set up in a Two-Pole porch mode and still may on a nice day. But at night, I lower one side so there is a clear drain path for water - should it start raining.
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    No protection from wind blown rain, just a sun shade on the beach.

    The force of the wind on the cone keeps the tarp pinned to the ground. Of course, then you have the wind tunnel effect going on each side of the cone, which is not much fun in gusts.

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