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    Something seems up with my bug netting

    Got a new bugnet today and there was some discoloration - couldnít really tell if something had been spilt on it or what. I took a picture and zoomed in and to me it looks like some of the netting threading is different. Ever seen this?


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    Having issues uploading pics from mobile

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    Looks like a minor flaw or variation in netting fabric.
    Inform vendor, but as always, the proof is in the pudding. Take it on a quick overnight in a mosquito area, where you can easily bail in case mosquitoes are able to enter your cocoon.

    Or this variation in netting might keep mosquitoes out for now, but possibly weaken in those areas and have a big failure later.

    Iíve manage to type two paragiraffes without being conclusive.
    Good luck

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