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    Looking for new Hammock tent, having some trouble.

    Hello all,
    I am a bigger guy- 6'1" and 305lbs. I go car camping and with an occasional hike and hang. Hopefully doing more hiking to get me back down to a reasonable weight. I currently have a hennessy hammock deluxe explorer. My wife is into it now, and i am on the upper limit of it so I have been looking into new hammocks. I also have some shoulder issues, so wanted to give the flat laying hammocks a try, as if the hang isn't perfect, i get shoulder squeeze and it aggravates my issues.

    I purchased a draumr 5 xl. I loved the open quality to it, but I spent about an hour trying to get the hang of it. Anytime I tried to use the seated function, I slid out of it like a waterslide. I couldn't get into it very well, and the seated function just really wasn't working for me. However, laying flat felt awesome. especially adding the swing to it, making it super relaxing. As I feel I cant use the features in the draumr that I really wanted- seated position, and a the real lack of ability to get in or out gracefully, I am turning to other options. However, the things I loved about the draumer were the ease of hanging it- no knots were needed. I also have slap straps and an eno with carabiners that make hanging absolutely a breeze. this is a huge plus for me. This is a must in a new hammock.

    I have seen a love/hate review of the haven safari system. Some say its great, other says its sleeping pad is loud when you move around on it, it tacos up on you, and some even have said it's prone to rip. Others say they love it and it is great. From what I have found, it looks like the only other flat laying hammock that can support my weight.

    Warbonnet has one, but it's not in my weight range.

    This brings me back to also possibly reconsider a new gathered end hammock, as I may just have to put up with the hammock squeeze as its infinitely better than sleeping on the ground. I was looking at the warbonnet blackbird xlc, but honestly these hammocks are so very DIY still with how you have to add your own guylines for the tarps they make, the hanging solutions are only so so for user friendly, that I am not sold on the fact I would want to buy one. Are there better more idiot proof options that may also eliminate some of my concerns or issues?

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    Have you checked out these?
    Ask about the Big Guy Hammock

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    I think that your options will likely be limited by the fabric's weight ratings. So the usual suspects (e.g., WBRR, Dutchware Banyan, etc.) likely won't work for you. The Townsend Big Guy bridge is a very nice setup and I have a couple of hanging buddies who have one and love it.

    As far as the Amok is concerned, there are definitely tricks to maneuvering that thing. The only way I learned it was to just get in and get out over and over again. I bought the UL version, so I always worry about it dragging across the ground when I'm trying to go for chair mode. Another tip is to hang from trees that are closer together than you might think prudent and hang the Draumr high up. That has created the ideal situation for me.

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    My first and only hammock has been the WB XLC which I’ve had for around 4 years. I also use two of their tarps.

    Once you put the lines on the tarp there’s no reason to take them off again, so it’s a one and done. Do the figure eight wind around your hand when you break camp and they come out of the snake skins untangled and ready to stake out. I’ve just started experimenting with the Dutchware Cord Winders. A bit faster than the figure eight but does add a bit of bulk.

    I have shoulder squeeze issues as well, but I’ve found experimenting with angle of lay and how high the foot end is hung helps a bit. I also know a couple of car campers who use a full sized pillow to help keep the hammock spread out a bit.
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    Another thing to try is Simply lite design. You can get a basic tree runner @ 12' long and made out of the wide fabrics. You can go double layer to increase the weight rating. Add a Fronky style bugnet for mosquito protection and Jared can even make a cold weather sock for it. Highly recommend Simply lite design. I have a custom wide 12' hammok and it is great!

    Good luck,
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    I can't recommend the Majestic Hammock enough. Here is the thread -

    Also please check out Shug's video on them.

    I sleep in one every night at home and I'm a little larger.

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