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    Quick prussic question

    Quick question.
    I'm planning to use a continuous ridgeline with prussiks for my tarp.
    I'll try out burried loop in the future, but if I'm making loops with a double fisherman's know, does it matter where the tarp tieout (either the d-ring directly or a s-biner) attaches to the prussik? I was going to attach it between the two knots (where the cord is doubled), but wasn't sure if that was better or having the double fisherman to one side.

    I know it's not a critical issue here (not load bearing), but in case it ever is, I'd like to know the proper way.

    I figure if I use the double fisherman technique, I could get by with no hardware and still retain the ability to disconnect the tarp from the prussic by just retying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chingyul View Post
    I figure if I use the double fisherman technique, I could get by with no hardware and still retain the ability to disconnect the tarp from the prussic by just retying.
    Have you ever tried to untie a double fisherman's knot that has been pulled tight in small cordage???

    I have never been able to do so - always end up cutting. But then maybe I get frustrated to quickly
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    I have not, so good to know!
    And I guess it's especially true since I'm planning on using 1.75mm Zing-It.
    S-biners it is!

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    I just made one out of 1.75 lash-it (continuous loops, guy lines etc). I tried knots and I didn't like the way they looked, also hard for me to tie it on such a short piece of material. So I spent the rest of the week making about a dozen loops using small s-biners for the tarp attachment. It works well so far, have yet to get the tarp out in the rain but I'm sure I'll get to test it soon enough. Good luck with your project.

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    I like the knot to one side, mostly for the prussic to get a consistent hold. For connecting, I use a toggle thru the webbing loop on my tarp, wrap the continous loop around the toggle. A trail stick can work.
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    I see no need to ever untie the double fisherman's knot. Its just used to make the continuous loop for tying the Prusik. If you had a continuous loop made from Lash-it would you ever want to pull out the bury to open the loop. No.

    I use a ridge-line over the top of my tarp with Prusik loops attached made by using a double fisherman or other similar double knot. The Prusik knots are left on the ridge-line and never removed. I have a short length of line tied to the d-ring or web loop of the tarp. I connect the line from the tarp to the Prusik loop by using a slipped Sheet Bend. Its easy to tie, easy to untie , no bits to misplace. Works fine for me.

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