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    Inaugural Meeting of SNAC: May 8-9, Red River Gorge

    What? You've never heard of SNAC? Well that's because it just came to me while sleeping in my hammock last night. It stands for: Short Notice Adventure Club.

    See, although I don't melt when it rains, I don't particularly like hiking in hail and lightning all day so I tend to watch the weather and make plans only if the weather looks good. I only get so many days away from the family and I want to make them count.

    So, the point of the club is for me to post adventure backpacking trips a week or so ahead so that we know that the weather is going to be nice.

    Well, the weather is going to be great for this weekend in the Red River Gorge. Highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s.

    My plan is to do about 10-12 miles on the first day and then 3-6 on Sunday so we can get home for Mother's Day.

    If you'd like to know my experience, I've led two trips with as well as been on many backpacking trips in the Red River Gorge and the Smokies. The trip that I'm planning to do is the same one I led on this meetup: I had talked to one of the leaders about doing this trip and he posted it for me and I coordinated and led the trip. It's a great trip with a lot to see and explore. There will be multiple archs, rock shelters, and overlooks. We will be scrambling up a pretty steep rock face but if you are afraid of heights, there is a bypass where we can meet back up. So far, out of about 20 people I've taken up only my wife freaked out. My daughter loved it.

    If you'd like to come, please leave a message. I'd like to keep the group at no more than eight. If you'd like to chat, I'll PM you my number.

    There is a chance of thunderstorms Friday but if enough people want to, maybe we can meet Friday evening and camp close to the road.

    KY Chris
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