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    Vectran webbing tree straps.

    Ive just stitched up my first pair of tree straps from high strength 25 mm/ 1" polyester sheathed Vectran core webbing.

    The 1 metre strap weighs 27g and the 1.5 metre weighs 41g. There are lighter tree straps, but none this strength/durabilty to weight ratio.

    The breaking strain on the webbing is 2200 kg, way more than needed but they should last forever. They have no stretch at all. The webbing is quite hard to cut with scissors too.

    I reckon they could serve double use as tow ropes

    Thanks to Albert Skye and his tree strap article on how to maximise the stitching strength, and Ikemouser's post on dyneema tree straps which spurred me on to source some high performance webbing.

    Any comments/criticisms are welcome.
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